Confidence Heuristic for Believability

Confidence Heuristic According to confidence heuristic, expressed greater confidence (certainty) leads to increased impressions of expertise and believability. So whenever you express certainty (confidence) about your position, you raise your credibility. Quite a few studies showed the value of this technique: One study showed that witness’s confidence predicts his or her […] Read more »

The Power of Arguing Against Your Self-Interest

Arguing Your Self-interest: Technique at a Glance If you argue a position that is against your best interest, your audience will consider you more honest, more influential, and even a better expert. You can apply this technique in a range of situations, but it’s most applicable in social advocacy campaigns […] Read more »

Stealing Sunshine Tactic

Stealing Sunshine Tactic at-a-glance Disclose the information favorable to your opponent before he or she does and you’ll reduce its effect on your audience. Although the research hasn’t yet revealed why this technique works, it is likely that an audience finds a person more credible after she reveals information favorable […] Read more »

Neutralizing Weaknesses with Stealing Thunder Tactic

The stealing thunder tactic suggests an effective way to neutralize weaknesses in your position. In essence, if you’ve got any weaknesses, it is best to bring them up yourself (i.e. steal the thunder) than to let your adversary do it. If you disclose your weaknesses first, you will look more credible and this […] Read more »

The Center-Stage Effect

When there are other options, how should you present your position? Research on the center-stage effect suggests that usually the center is central to success. A recent study in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology reports three experiments on the center-stage effect. In the first two experiments, 100 participants had to choose between […] Read more »