The Buffett Rule and the Art of Taxing the Rich

What is the Buffett Rule Good framing is central to successful political persuasion and tax reform is no exception. Recently, the Obama administration proposed a new tax on the extra-rich. Whatever the merits of the proposed reform, its framing is perhaps more interesting than other aspects. Some call it the millionaires’ minimum tax, but […] Read more »

Persuasive Framing with Subtle Language

Persuasive framing of an issue is the cornerstone of effective influence, and language is often the main tool. People can be swayed even by very subtle framing, often one or a few words appearing in the right place can have dramatic effects. In fact, Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (a well-known theory in cognitive linguistics) […] Read more »

Unexpectedness and Persuasion

Unexpectedness can increase persuasion and it can also decrease it. Many authors suggest that unexpectedness and persuasion are inseparable or at least unexpectedness is one of the cornerstones in persuasion. Heath brothers, for example, make unexpectedness second element in their SUCCESs formula (see their bestselling Made to Stick). Overall, this is solid advice, […] Read more »