The Power of Metaphors

In social advocacy as well as political messaging, metaphors can be very powerful. This is not a new realization. Ancient masters of rhetoric praised the power of metaphors for conveying knowledge. Quintilian, for example, said that metaphors accomplish “the supremely difficult task of providing a name for everything.” Aristotle observed […] Read more »

Disrupt-then-Reframe Technique

Influence through Disruption In general, when your influence attempts are met with resistance, it is better to reframe an issue in such a way as to avoid resistance instead of trying to break it directly. This especially applies to cognitive dissonance. However, sometimes it is possible to use simple techniques […] Read more »

Feelings of Trust and High Status

A recent study, reported in Scientific American Mind, suggests that feelings of trust and high status are closely related. In the study, the subjects were primed to think of themselves as having either high or low status. Then, they were told that they could send $10 to an unseen partner;  the […] Read more »

Arguments in First Offers

First offers may be often critical in all sorts of political negotiations and social conflicts. One way to establish stronger first offers, which seems reasonable at least, is to provide supporting arguments. The thinking behind such practice goes something like this: strong arguments in first offers will minimize adjustment from […] Read more »