Our consulting work is primarily focused on high-impact positioning of strategic ideas for political campaigns as well as strategic analysis of political issues.

For political campaigns, we primarily advise on identifying greatest opportunities for effective positioning and strategic messaging of the campaign. For strategic analysis, we primarily work with investment managers and businesses who need advisory analysis of political risk involved in their decisions.

Occasionally, we also work on high-level business or political negotiations. In particular, we help negotiators to develop strongest position possible by carefully crafting a maximally persuasive and memorable negotiation pitch.

Sometimes we also advise on other issues, including persuasive positioning of ideas for corporate non-market strategy, trial and appellate advocacy (especially the development of effective trial themes), and positioning for public sector marketing campaigns.

We always do all of the essential consulting work ourselves, never through subcontractors, and that is also why we normally work only on a few extensive consulting engagements at a time.