Over-ear or on-ear headphones for working at home

We are all human beings, which means that in order to work better we sometimes need to isolate ourselves from the outside world. Headphones are best suited for this purpose, allowing you to disconnect from home noise or other family members. But without certain knowledge, it is almost impossible to choose high-quality headphones for the home. The main thing that needs to be done is to consider the design and then compare headphones, which we will do now.

The over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphones are certainly the most comfortable, the pads are often covered in pleasant ways like very soft leathers, velvet or alcantara.

The primary advantage of this type of headphones is the insulation it provides. Indeed, it creates a resonance bubble around your ear and cuts off all of its exteriors. These headphones are often intended for sedentary use because of their size, but they are now found in the street in a completely natural way, as the listening comfort is immense. Their size also allows for efficient and truly dimensioned electronics to generate a “full” sound volume and a clearly seductive immersion in your soundscapes.Over-ear or on-ear headphones for working at home2

However, you may also experience some minor hassles with over-ear headphones. In practice, the headband joining the pads can sometimes be too tight and cause pain. Likewise, there is no guarantee that your ears will fit perfectly into the pads. Finally, keep in mind that despite the materials used for the pads, they will tend to keep you warm, and this will be especially true in summer. This sounds harmless, but listening will quickly become unpleasant if your ears are too hot.

These headsets are often associated with HIFI sets for their performance, but the new high-fidelity music compression formats allow them to perform well with mobile devices.

The on-ear headphones

Smaller than an over-ear model, these headphones are much lighter than the latter.

Their lightness brings them appreciable comfort, they are also equipped with very soft pads. Besides this lightness, the advantage of this type of headphones is that it does not completely cut you off from your environment. They also benefit from the same acoustic devices as the over-ear models.

However, it is true that their comfort can be a problem for some people who will find it difficult to bear the pressure exerted on their ears, pain, or heat which can interfere with prolonged listening. It is above all up to you to check if you would support them. Another disadvantage and we have talked about it, by being not very insulating, you will not be 100% cut off from outside noise.Over-ear or on-ear headphones for working at home3

Based on the foregoing, if you need sound insulation, a wide sound stage, and good bass, you should pay attention to over-ear headphones. And if you need well-balanced with the best compromise between sound/size/comfort, the on-ear headphones are your choice.