Wood Gence And Plant

Many people have a wood fence around their property to help maintain the privacy of their yard or garden. However, some people may not know that there are plants out there that grow beautifully on wood fences and other surfaces. In this blog post, we will explore some of those plants and how you can keep them healthy for years to come.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing several different types of plants that grow beautifully on wood fences from succulents, to vines and more! We hope you enjoy reading about these beautiful greenery options and find a few new additions to your backyard.

What plants can I put on my fence?

Plants On Fence

Wood fences are a great way to add some color and life to any yard. Plenty of plants grow beautifully on wood fences, including vines, bushes, flowers, and more. Here is a list of the top 10 plants for your fence:

  1. Ivy – This plant loves moist environments with shade or sun exposure. It can be trained up a trellis or wall and create a natural privacy screen in no time!
  2. English ivy -This vine looks lush even when it’s not growing on something just because its leaves have such an unusual shape
  3. Honeysuckle – These beautiful vines love climbing up trees as well as fences
  4. English lavender- These fragrant shrubs.

As a homeowner, you have probably spent countless hours working on your landscaping, striving to create the perfect outdoor environment. Now that you have invested so much time and effort into creating this masterpiece, wouldn’t it be a shame if no one could see it? The Wood Manufacturers Association of Canada has gathered some great information on how beautiful wood fences can help attract attention to your outdoor oasis.

Growing fence-friendly vines

Plant On Wood Fence

It is a great way to create some privacy-fence-friendly vines that can be planted close together for a living, fast-growing fence. Fences also make good trellising for your climbing or rambling flowering vines, and you can use the trained vines as ornamental garden accents that draw the eye up towards the sky instead of blocking it out.

Pyracantha is a non-thorny evergreen shrub with white blooms in springtime and berries which turn from red to orange-red in autumn, so not only does it have year-long interest, but it offers something throughout its life cycle. It needs full sun, well-draining soil, and thrives on neglect so that it will grow just about anywhere without any special care – pyracantha is perfect for busy people.

Privet, specifically the Ligustrum ovalifolium, is an evergreen with green leaves and white flowers in late spring. It can be grown as a hedge or privacy screen and also makes an excellent tall screening tree. Privet prefers full sun to part shade and well-drained soil but is quite tolerant of different conditions, so it’s a good option if you’re unsure what to plant.