Creative Thinking

We all have five senses namely sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Our sense of self, values, memories, neural programming and believes act as filters which manipulate the sensory input.

Our mind converts the sensory data into feelings and perceptions. Many men and women these days get confused with the terms creative thinking and critical thinking at this time.critical thinking

You must keep in mind that critical thinking is disciplined, clear and critical. The critical thinking finds the errors and biases may be included in such thinking.

The critical thinker is open to both reorganizing and raising his or her thought process’s efficiency by properly reflecting on them.

All critical thinkers use a combination of interconnected skills for analysing, unifying and evaluating what is read, heard or seen.


The major types of thinking

Creative_ThinkingThe latest updates of the creative thinking vs critical thinking attract everyone who likes to make a well-informed decision regarding their personal and career related issues on a regular basis. You have to understand the nature of the creativity or creative thinking at first.


In general, creativity is a mental process which involves the generation of new concepts, ideas or associations between existing concepts or ideas.

Creativity involves the overall ability to acquire enough knowledge and break such knowledge down, rearrange them altogether in a different way for generating something new and beneficial.


Everyone with successful records in their profession these days are thinking critically and creatively beyond doubt. This is because they make certain real benefits of thinking in a different way based on the situation and their role.

The creative thinking arises out of skilful restructuring of thoughts to let the novel points of view about a given situation or subject.big-idea

Creative persons are always different because their sensitivity to the existence of chances, problems, gaps in knowledge, lack of harmony and inconsistencies.