Swaycraft LTD is a strategy consulting and training firm specializing in public influence and political marketing. Our prime specialty is creative positioning of strategic ideas for public influence campaigns.

We work in the UK, U.S., and Europe.

Our consulting work is primarily focused on crafting highly memorable and contagious ideas for social, environmental, and political campaigns.

Occasionally, we also work on corporate non-market strategy as well as memorable positioning for high-level strategic business or political negotiations.

Our basic workshop helps participants to acquire essential skills for making important social and political ideas highly memorable and contagious.

Our more extensive 4-day bootcamp brings together a whole arsenal of fundamental psychological principles and creative techniques that are indispensable for creating highly successful campaigns of public influence.

Training in Creative Thinking and Creative Content Techniques
For business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales executives, copywriters and advertising executives, growth hackers, and others interested in core training in creative thinking and creative content, please visit our Creativity Nucleus project.