Swaycraft LTD is a strategy training and advisory firm specializing in strategic analysis and decision making.

We work in the UK, U.S., and Europe.

Our training focus is on helpingĀ entrepreneurs, investment managers, business leaders and executives, as well as social and public sector leaders develop core skills of innovative thinking and strategic flexibility required for high-level analysis and decision-making.

We offer a basic 1-day workshop of the most essential principles and techniques as well as a powerful 4-day bootcamp which brings together a whole arsenal of the most effective research-based psychological principles and brain hacks that have the greatest practical effects.

Advisory Services
Our advisory work is focused on strategic analysis of political issues. We primarily do high-level analysis for political campaigns, in particular identifying greatest opportunities for effective positioning and strategic messaging of the campaign.

In addition, we also work with businesses and investment managers who need advisory analysis of political risk involved in their decisions.