Many users of AirPods search for the effective methods to use it with other non-Apple devices like Smartphone and computer.

You may have the same expectation to use AirPods with other devices at this time. Pairing your favourite AirPods to any non-Apple computer or Smartphone is same as pairing other Bluetooth devices.

You can follow the simple steps to connect your AirPods to any other device as convenient as possible.



Find and follow a simple method

The first step in the process of connecting the AirPods with any PC or other device is to place it in the case and open the lid.  Now, you have to press and hold the AirPods’s white button located on the back of its case. The white light blinks in the AirPods status which indicates the pairing mode.

Now, pair the AirPods using the Bluetooth settings menu in the computer or any other device. If you have successfully paired the AirPods with any other device, then you can use your AirPods like any wireless Bluetooth headphones.

You will get loads of benefits and be confident to suggest this approach to others.AirPods With_android

Many people reveal how they can easily get their AirPods paired with other devices and share their ideas to use the AirPods as efficient as possible.

You can spend enough time and focus on all such things one after another. You will get an overview about how to properly use this device and enhance your entertainment time further.

You will become one among regular and also happy users of the AirPods.

As a beginner to the AirPods, you have to research the basics of this product from the Apple at first. AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds and one of the most popular accessories of Apple worldwide.

Users of this product can listen to audio and take advantage of the built-in microphone which filters out the background noise as efficient as possible.

You can use this product and let all phone calls and talk to Siri without difficulty. You will get an outstanding enhancement in your leisure when you properly use this product.


Guidelines to connect AirPods to a non-Apple device these days increase the eagerness of users of the AirPods to follow such guidelines.

As compared to using the AirPods as usual, you can easily connect this Apple device with any other non-Apple device and use loads of options to get the desired benefits.